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      VD09 model new and hot sale smart lock ,for ?Wood door ?5050 Mortise ,Debot lock?,Europe mortise ,TT
      時間:2022-05-05    來源:威薩電子-威薩動態     點擊:


        VERSION INTRODUCTION                                                                                     




      VD09 indoor smart lock is suitable for multiple application scenarios such as residential office.homestay and          apartment.The stand-alone version is simple and practicalwithout remote control,fingerprint recognition,magnetic card unlocking,password unlocking,mechanical key plus USB emergency charging port,bearing free handle,Chinese and English switching,Convenient for different users; low battery alarm,trial and error alarm,record query,

       FUNCTION SUMMARY                                                                                                      

        1    Keymanagement  Can save 6-10 digits password,fingerprint and card mix 299 groups299 single password; 299 singlecard;100 single fingerprint (the actual capacity depends on the fingerprint module)
        2  Dynamic password management    Two functions: one-time temporary password and time period password
        3  Safe mode   Support single key and double key unlocking
        4 Normally open setting  After opening the normally open mode.the lock has been kept in the normally open state.press the*key to perform a single lock Or enter the system to close the normally open mode
        5  system initialization  Long press the initialization button to restore the system factory settings
        6 time setting  The system has time memorywhich provides time basis for unlocking operation,which can be adjusted according to the current time
        7 Voice prompts   Full voice navigation,simple operation
        8 Attack protection  Enter the wrong key 5 times in a row,the system will automatically lock for 3 minutesand the system will enter the locked state.Can't unlock
        9 Low pressure alarm When the battery power is low,there will be a voice prompt afterunlocking:"The battery is dead"
        10 Record query  Can provide the latest 1.000 unlocking operation records
       11  Virtual password  Unlock password and enter 30 digits including the correct password at the end to unlock Effectively prevent others from watching and stealing passwords
       12 Emergency door opening   When the batterv voltage is insufficient to drive the motorthe door can be opened by an external power supply or with a mechanical key.
       13  Electronic lock  13After turning on the electronic anti-lockfunction,only the administrator can open the lock,privacy function

       TECHNICAL PARAMETERS                                                                                                                           

       Operating Voltage  INPUT:DC4.0v~7v 

      Four 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries

       Standby power supply voltage    USB micro interface power supply: DC5~7V    Power supply from power bank or 5V power adapter
       Suitable fingerprint sensor type  Semiconductor sensor
      password keyboard  Capacitive touch keyboard
      Number of keys  12 keys (0 ~9,# key to confirm, * key to cancel)
      Language method  Chinese and English voice navigation Chinese and English phonetics
      Quiescent Current  ≤50uA  Under no working condition
      Dynamic current  ≤300mA  Power consumption when opening the door after swiping the card
      Drive output  direct  Working voltage 3V ~6V
      Driving load capacity  ≤500mA  DC motor
      Low voltage alarm voltage  ≤4.8V
      (the power supply voltage is lower than the standard80 ± 5% indicates that the battery is dead) 
      Comply with national
      standard ga374-2001 Standard of electronic anti theft lock
      Card type  Ml card
      Extensible interface  Remote control module,double fingerprint module ZigBee module,graffiti module
      working temperature  -25℃~+65℃
      Record query  It can provide the latest 1000 unlocking operation records
      Number of open key  A total of 299 sets of passwordfingerprint and card mix
      (100 single fingerprints)The first group(serial number 0) must be the management password. and the serial numbers 1~9 are the administrators.Serial numbers 10~299 are ordinarv users 
      Adopt dynamic allocation
      (fingerprint capacity is subject to fingerprint module) 






      VD09 irdoor smartlockssltable for mltipeappcatonsceariosschasrescenta office,mestay apartment,etc T-LOCKversicn can beecuioped witsna’galewayreal-ireerrole contcl retlock,singe andereulete nocrary passwot tocnotcyopen the docr,adrerotc.y dd or deletc usessluetoctcosc nlock

       TI LOCK TECHNICAL PARAMETER                                                                                                                

       Bluetooth standard   Bluetooth 4.1BLE
      Supported phones  Andriod43/10S7.0orabove
       Power supply   4 alkaline dry batteries
      Low electricity alarm voltage  4.8V
      voltage range  4.5~9V
      stand-by current 65 microamps on average
      Working current   Less than 200 mA
      Unlock time  ≈1.5 seconds
      range of working temperature  -20-70 degrees Celsius
      Button type  Capacitive touch buttons
      Number of passwords  Custom and permanent password 150/other dynamic password 150
      Supported card types  MIFARE M1 card
      Number of IC cards  200 sheets
      Unlocking method  APP,password,fingerprint,IC card,mechanical key
      Fingerprint head type  Semiconductor fingerprint head
      Fingerprint capacity  120 pieces (adjusted according to the actual model used)
      False acceptancerate(FAR)  <0.001%
      Rejection rate(FRR)  <1.0%


      VDN9TUYA APP versia,singleversionar supporWiFuracking byarcing TUA dule.Inc ringemo.doe onering. rr essape viewrp, terrbemaragetert,do owerigrecord tue’y lempprery passworl and otner frclitns, rerrole coor ppe tr needs to ritiatearecucst to the doo’ock ardwarethcaporespondsand thc door is opeeccer bea.lowecdenied


        TUYA FUNCTION                                                                                                           

       1. Support WeChat Mini Program   5. Local storage of unlocking records
       2. Mobile phone wifi unlocking function   6. Real-time view of unlocking records
      3. Send temporary password remotely  7.APP member management
      4. APP manages door locks in real time 

      8. Remote authorized user unlock




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